Phoenix Wildlife Center
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Help! I found a wild animal. What do I do?

Determine if the animal really needs help. Do not kidnap a healthy baby! Please call PWC at 410-628-9736 for advice.

Always have an adult handle a wild animal, and never use your bare hands. Use extreme caution when rescuing wildlife. Wear gloves, and use a blanket or towel to catch the animal. Gently place the animal into a cardboard box or paper bag. Be careful! A wild animal that is hurt or frightened might bite or scratch.

Keep the animal warm, safely contained, and away from loud noises, children, pets, and air conditioning.

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL FOOD, WATER, OR MILK until you have spoken with a permitted wildlife rehabilitator. Water can go into the animal's lungs and cause pneumonia. Feeding an animal the wrong food will cause more harm than good.

Most native wildlife are protected by state and federal laws. It is illegal to possess the animal or its nests, bones, feathers, or eggs without the proper permits. Wild animals belong in the wild—they are not pets.